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Code Challenge 17 - Sample Data Generator


Generating sample data is incredibly useful when testing algorithms or for automating data entry when debugging an application. The purpose of this app is to help a user generating large numeric data samples that can be copy and pasted into an application, or even saved to a file.

Skills to Practice

Challenge Tasks

  1. Create a console project named CodeChallenge17SampleData.
  2. Ask the user for a minimum and maximum number. Your sample data should be in the range of these numbers.
  3. Ask the user how much data to generate. i.e. The response 500 should generate 500 sample numbers.
  4. Ask the user if they want the data sorted before displaying it.
  5. Create a list and insert n number of sample data elements, where n is the quantity of data the user was prompted for.
  6. Display the data according to the user’s answers.

Sample Output