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Code Challenge 11 - Dungeon Crawler


In your introductory programming course, you learned how to make a lightweight choose your own adventure dungeon crawler program. In this challenge, you will be able to put your own creativity to the test and implement your own version of the dungeon crawler program.

Skills to Practice

Challenge Tasks

  1. Create a console project named CodeChallenge11DungeonCrawler.
  2. Create your own custom dungeon crawler program. The following requirements must be met:
    • You must use nested if statements and branching statements, if, else if, else, to implement your levels.
    • Use at least two number variables that keep track of something. It can be an item quantity, health, etc.
    • Use at least one boolean variable to keep track of the state of something in your program. For example, whether you unlocked a door, triggered some event, etc.
  3. In your conditions, make use of the compound Boolean operators AND && and OR || at least once for each operator.
  4. Have fun! This will be your longest program yet, and it makes use of everything you used thus far in the course. But it should be an enjoyable experience. Use your imagination and run with it.

Sample Output