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Code Challenge 1 - Chain Letter


A classic form of spam in the early days of the internet are known as chain letters. A chain letter involves a story and command to send the letter to a number of contacts. Here is a sample:

Once you start reading this, do not stop. Every five minutes, a baby duckling gets seperated from it’s family. If you forward this letter to ten people, then a duckling will stay with it’s family. If you do not forward this letter, then everyone will know that you hate baby ducklings, and nobody will be friends with you for the next ten years!

Skills to Practice

Challenge Tasks

  1. Create a console project named CodeChallenge1ChainLetter.
  2. Complete the folowing task: Write a spam story explaining why the user needs to send your program to ten other people. Your chain letter program should output at least 5 lines.

Sample Output